Consumer demand

Businesses both shape and respond to consumer demand.

Understanding what consumers want to eat and why is one of the most complex aspects of creating demand for nutritious foods. Consumer preferences and motivations are tied to personal, cultural, and religious beliefs; they are influenced by geography, income and gender; and they shape and are shaped by identity.

So how can public private engagement (PPE) help address some of the barriers that prevent consumers from regularly purchasing and consuming nutritious foods? What research is needed to better understand consumer attitudes, preferences and behaviours? What can the private sector do to make healthy food more appealing, convenient and affordable? What can policymakers do promote nutrition education, and help ensure that everyone – regardless location or income level – can access and afford the safe and nutritious foods they want? How can civil society help create momentum behind consumer interest campaigns, and hold businesses and governments accountable? How can donors help de-risk investments in nutritious food businesses while demand – and the market to support it – grows?

The resources in this section will help to address these questions, and explore ways in which the public and private sectors can empower consumers to demand nutritious and safe food, as well as approaches to promote food that is affordable, available and desirable.

Top resources we think matter

Case studies and tools: A highly recommended resource on consumer demand from the perspective of public private engagement.
Case studies and tools: Base of the pyramid typically refers to the largest and poorest socio-economic grouping, and it is estimated that people in this ‘category’ spend u
Advocacy and policy: This brief from the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition calls on both public and priva
Case studies and tools: Presentation by the BoP Innovation Centre – an independent foundation created to deliver a one-stop shop for business, investors, and advisors with
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