The demand engine: Growth hacking strategies for scaling demand at the bottom of the pyramid

Amanda Epting, Valéria Varga, Emile Schmitz
Resource type:
Reports and discussion papers

The Demand Engine: Growth Hacking Strategies for Scaling Demand at the BoP (Bottom of Pyramid), is a practitioner-focused framework for product and service providers seeking to “hack demand” at the BoP. It provides value by describing strategies to maximise effectiveness across different aspects of demand creation and identifying cost-efficient ways to reach economies of scale.

The Demand Engine is most relevant for BoP-focused product and service providers who:

  • Offer a market-based solution, with the aim of generating revenue from selling products and/or services to BoP consumers;
  • Are preparing for or have already entered the “Expand” phase;
  • Have validated their value proposition as relevant to the BoP communities they aim to serve, thus enabling mutual value creation for the enterprise and communities; and
  • Are looking for effective and efficient marketing strategies to scale deep.

It sets out five growth hacking strategies, and provides case studies, best practices and pitfalls for each of the strategies: 

  1. Leverage Trusted Networks
  2. Offer Low-Risk Trials
  3. Invest in Multilevel Agent Networks
  4. Incentivise Referrals
  5. Digitise Loyalty Programs

Overall, a really helpful resource to think through practical options for targeting low income markets with social impact goods or services, and speaks to the importance of establishing strong public private networks. 

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed