The Workforce Nutrition Alliance


The Workforce Nutrition Alliance was launched by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in October 2019. The Alliance works to bring access to and knowledge about healthy nutrition to +3 million employees in member organisations and supply chains by 2025.

We make this impact by focusing on these three goals:

  1. Advocate: We advocate for the benefits of workforce nutrition programmes to improve the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

  2. Support: We support you to assess your workforce nutrition programme, develop an enhancement plan and implement your new programme.

  3. Monitor: We monitor progress in creating successful workforce nutrition programmes that support global nutrition goals.


About the alliance

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance can help you enhance your workforce nutrition programme. 

As a leading employer, you know that good nutrition is a key driver for both healthy lives and healthy businesses – and to create a better world. Yet today, one in three people worldwide suffers malnutrition, making it a massive global concern impacting individuals, businesses and economies alike – in both developing and developed countries.

We help employers like you to ensure your employees have access to and knowledge about healthy nutrition through your workforce nutrition programme.

We have done this by creating a framework and six easy steps to help you establish or enhance your workforce nutrition programme:


Focus areas

Four pillars for enhancing workforce nutrition. Together with our technical experts, we have identified the four pillars to excellence in workforce nutrition. Our self-assessment scorecard tool and our implementation support programme both use these pillars as their foundation

  1. Healthy food at work: These programmes focus on increasing employees’ access to healthy and safe foods at work, including meals or snacks.
  2. Nutrition education: These programmes change the nutrition /lifestyle behaviours of employees through knowledge about healthy nutrition.
  3. Nutrition health checks: These are periodic one-to-one meetings with a health or nutrition professional to assess and discuss the employee’s nutritional health.
  4. Breastfeeding support: These programmes or policies enable working mothers to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and continually up to 2 years.


Self-assessment scorecard

This new tool is designed to help employers do a self-assement of their own workforce nutrition programme. 

The journey towards implementation of an effective and impactful workforce nutrition programmes starts with a self-assessment of your current programme.

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance has developed a free online self- assessment scorecard that enables you to identify where you can enhance your programme.

This scorecard can be used by all companies/organizations, whether you have one or multiple workplaces. It also enables you to self-assess your organization-wide performance across different workplace types (factories, corporate offices, retail stores, warehouses) and regions.


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