Shifting diets for a sustainable food future

Janet Ranganathan, Daniel Vennard, Richard Waite, Patrice Dumas, Brain Lipinski, Tim Searchinger.
World Resource Institute
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Advocacy and policy

Working paper by the World Resources Institute focuses on three changes to consumption patterns that can ensure a sustainable food system. This report is a response to the estimated 70 percent ‘food gap’ between crop calories available since 2006 and expected calorie demand in 2050. Globalization and urbanization generally mean that people consume more calories and eat more resource-intensive foods, such as meats and dairy. While this will have health gains for some, the benefits won’t be universal. Taken in tandem with a shift towards fast, Western-style diets, the global food system is going to have an impossible job keeping up, unless radical changes in diet take place. The only way to do this is to bring public and private sectors together. 

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