Consumer insight for improved nutrition: Why consumer research is required to develop demand for nutritious foods among low-income consumers

Hannah E Theobald
Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network & Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Resource type:
Advocacy and policy

This article from SUN Business Network emphasises that to improve nutrition, especially for the most vulnerable, greater understanding of low-income consumers and their food purchasing decisions is needed. Without this information, food businesses will struggle to improve the nutritional content of foods and make nutritious foods more desirable. To support this effort, SBN collates consumer and market research and shares findings with its business members at the national level. By providing this data, SBN hopes that companies will be able to use that data to understand potential business opportunities for nutritious foods, especially for low-income consumers, while also developing promotional materials that increase the demand for nutritious foods.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed