Public health and the food and drinks industry: The governance and ethics of interaction. Lessons from policy, research and practice

Erica Di Ruggiero et al

This report produced by the UK Health Forum provides case studies from around the world to help provide a framework for governing public private interactions. It also seeks to raise awareness around this issue, particularly to mitigate risks around conflict of interest and in the face of rising non communicable diseases (NCDs). The Casebook has two specific objectives:

  1. To increase awareness and understanding of the ethical challenges that may arise from public-private interactions for the prevention of nutrition-related NCDs across research, policy and practice, with an emphasis on conflicts of interest and governance issues.
  2. To advance debate, dialogue and action to strengthen the governance of those interactions and the avoidance and/or mitigation of conflicts of interest.

Included in the examples are, among others, helpful findings around how public and private sectors engage and navigate challenges related to sweetened beverages, food labelling and food marketing.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed