Engaging Business for Nutrition Outcomes: A Compendium of UNICEF's Experience

Victoria Quinn, Jo Jewell, Bernadette Gutmann, Vilma Tyler and Victor Aguayo.
Resource type:
Reports and discussion papers

UNICEF recognizes the importance of engaging business to achieve nutrition results for children. As outlined in the UNICEF Nutrition Strategy 2020–2030, some business sectors are uniquely positioned to support UNICEF’s programming priorities and have the potential to reinforce the organization’s impact by sharing responsibilities, optimizing expertise, increasing programme coverage and maximizing resources. To explore the potential contributions of business to achieving nutrition objectives, UNICEF carried out a review of its past and current business engagements in Africa, Asia, Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America.

Ten case studies were developed from this review using an analytical framework to explore the context and rationale for the engagement; perceived risks and opportunities; the management structure; the actual programme implemented; achievements and challenges; and lessons learned. These findings are presented together in this in this Compendium of UNICEF’s Experience, with the aim of sharing practical insights to guide UNICEF staff in their efforts to engage business in delivering nutrition results for children

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