Analyzing the impact of Feed the Future investments in Bangladesh

Reid Hamel, Kimberly Flowers
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Reports and discussion papers

The Center for Strategic and International studies have looked at the impact of Feed the Future Investments in Bangladesh. Feed the Future is a US cross-sectoral initiative that focuses on transforming food systems in 12 countries to pull people out of poverty. It draws upon the discrete skill sets of various partners to target challenges unique to each country. This report on Bangladesh looks at how the Feed the Future initiative has supported government policy planning, with a total multiyear investment commitment over $300 million. Given the food safety environment in Bangladesh, the partnerships in Bangladesh have met substantial challenges. This report gives an overview of the food and nutrition security context, government leadership, and looks at some of the Feed the Future investments in light of the emergent political economy. High stunting levels across the country illustrate that long term investment and cost-effective strategies are needed to prevent human and economic losses.

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