Food taxes and their impact on competitiveness in the agri-food sector

European Competitiveness and Sustainable Industrial Policy Consortium
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Reports and discussion papers

This report, compiled for the European Competitiveness and Sustainable Industrial Policy Consortium, gives a detailed look into the impact of food taxes on consumption patterns. This report is particularly helpful for anyone working in or partnering with industry and for policy makers looking to improve business environments. The report has been written in the backdrop of rising obesity levels and looks for solutions to growing burdens on public health systems. A number of European case studies look at the impact of food taxes, for example, on saturated fat in Denmark; on confectionary, ice-cream, and soft drinks in Finland, and confectionary, chocolate, sugary drinks, energy drinks, salty snacks, and condiments in Hungary. The report has been reviewed by a wide range of stakeholders across industry, academia, and government.

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