Analyzing the impact of Feed the Future investments

Kimberly Flowers, Onesmo Shuma
Resource type:
Reports and discussion papers

The Center for Strategic and International studies have looked at the impact of Feed the Future Investments in Tanzania. Feed the Future is a US cross-sectoral initiative that focuses on transforming food systems in 12 countries to pull people out of poverty. It draws upon the discrete skill sets of various partners to target challenges unique to each country. This report on Tanzania looks at some of the 38 programs across Tanzania and draws conclusions about the political economy, impact on lives and on policy making.  Feed the Future’s analysis of the southern agricultural growth corridor of Tanzania has made some impact on the government of Tanzania’s agricultural policies, however, this particular partnership has experienced coordination and capacity constraints. A worthwhile read casting light on lessons for large scale public private agricultural partnerships.  

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed