Food safety and nutrition: Improving consumer behaviour

ANH academy

This webinar is part of a series on Drivers of Food Choice, hosted in partnership by ANH Academy and Drivers of Food Choice, and based on the work done through Drivers of Food Choice (DFC) Competitive Grants Program, which aims to generate evidence to understand how people make food choices in local food environments, specifically what, how, and why people eat the way they do among low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The DFC program funded projects that applied multi-disciplinary perspectives and methods across highly diverse settings and populations in 10 LMICs.

This webinar in particular features four presentations: 

  1. Key learnings on food safety from Drivers of Food Choice program
  2. Insights from Ghana: Perceptions of food safety are important drivers of food acquisition and consumption in urban Ghana
  3. Insights from Vietnam: Do food safety concerns shape diets? Insights from the urban poor in Hanoi
  4. Insights from Tanzania: Food safety perspectives from adults living with HIV in peri-urban Tanzania
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