Ripe for change: Ending human suffering in supermarket supply chains

Robin Willoughby, Tim Gore

The growing power of supermarkets comes at a cost. This in-depth report by Oxfam provides case studies and analysis of exploitation that is happening along the entire food chain. While this report should make you uncomfortable it also offers plenty of solutions from both the supply and demand side. Page 20 has a particularly helpful list of pragmatic options to readdress the burgeoning power imbalances between farmers and supermarkets. Oxfam’s Supermarkets Scorecard shows the need for action by consumers, governments, industry suppliers, and supermarkets themselves. This report cuts to the heart of all problems in the food chain – power. It is a precise, evidence-based, articulate call to reassemble power structures so that more people stand to win.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed