Rethinking food policy: A fresh approach to policy and practice

Centre for Food Policy, City University of London
Brief 1: Kelly Parsons, Corinna Hawkes
Brief 2: Kelly Parsons, Corinna Hawkes and Rebecca Wells
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Advocacy and policy

City University of London has produced two briefs as part of the "Rethinking Food Policy: A Fresh Approach to Policy and Practice" series.  

In Brief 1: Tackling food systems challenges: the role of food policy, authors explore definitions, history and evolution of what food policy is, and then offer ten steps that can be taken by all food policy stakeholders (including decision makers, advocates and the private sector) to make food policy more effective, equitable and efficient:

  1. Take a systems approach
  2. Understand the connections
  3. Recognise tensions and manage tradeoffs
  4. Make policies coherent
  5. Embed food in all policies
  6. Join up the process of making food policy
  7. Advocate for better governance structures for the food system
  8. Use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework
  9. Put people at the heart of policy-making
  10. Keep focused on finding solutions to specific problems

In Brief 2: Understanding the food system: Why it matters for food policy, authors explain the food system, including the drivers, players and interconnections throughout it (using a great visual on pages 4-5), and then put forward four implications for rethinking the role of food policy:

  1. There are many parts of the food system where action can be taken
  2. Policy actions in one part of the food system have consequences for other parts of the system
  3. There are opportunities to develop policy solutions which address multiple problems simultaneously
  4. Knowledge about different parts of the food system needs to be brought together


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