Public private partnerships for innovation led growth in agri-chains: A useful tool for development in Latin America?

Frank Hartwich, Carolina Gonzalez, Luis-Fernando Vieira
International Food Policy Research Institute
2010 and earlier

An academic paper by the International Food Policy Research Institute looking at expectations that drive formal public private partnerships in agri-chains. This paper looks at 124 cases of public private partnerships in agricultural research and innovation in nine countries in Latin America. It finds that although partners are often unclear about what the benefits and expectations are to begin with, most show high levels of satisfaction with partnership outcomes.

Conclusions in the report indicate that success is underpinned by strategic planning and priority setting to identify where innovation through PPP can address the greatest need and while also generating the greatest positive impact. The authors also put forward key factors that can help policymakers design mutually beneficial PPPs, including: strong leadership; strategic planning for design and evaluation; and capacity building. Written in 2005, this paper has some helpful lessons, but also makes clear we are still facing some of the same challenges with PPPs today as we were then. 

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed