The power of business to change food culture for the better

Nancy E Roman
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"Culture overwhelms some of our best programmatic work in nutrition and health, and we fail to appreciate the power of business and marketing to shape it."

This short sponsored piece in the Stanford Social Innovation Review is written by the CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), a US based NGO that works to leverage the power of the private sector to improve food and increase physical activity. In it, she sets out the opportunities for the private sector to do good for nutrition, and calls on businesses to lead rather than follow in the effort to make healthy food choices the norm - convenient, affordable and appealing to consumers and profitable for businesses. She challenges food companies, restaurants and retailers to reformulate and create healthier products, provide appropriate portion sizes and help nudge consumer behaviour change in a positive direction. As of writing, through its partnerships, PHA has helped food companies remove six trillion calories, as well as tonnes of fat and sugar, from their products.

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