Framework for action on food safety in the WHO South-East Asia Region

WHO South-East Asia
Editors : World Health Organization. Regional Office for South-East Asia
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Reports and discussion papers

The Framework for action on food safety in the WHO South-East Asia Region identifies priority activities for 2020–2025 that will promote food safety across the region. It is based on a situation analysis of the food control system in Member States of the WHO South-East Asia Region, of progress made through implementation of the Regional Food Safety Strategy, including through the WHO Thirteenth General Programme of Work, Codex Strategic Plan and recommendations of WHO/FAO/AU Global Food Safety Conference. 

Topics covered in this report include: 

  • Food safety challenges in the region 
  • Progress in implementation of regional food safety strategies
  • Details on the Framework 
  • Steps to implement the Framework 
  • Ways to connect to related strategies and initiatives

Some of the key messages from the report are : 

  • Food safety is a major public health concern and is closely related to Sustainable Development Goals such as good health and well-being, elimination of poverty, gender equality, water and sanitation, sustainable production and consumption, and climate change.
  • Food safety is a shared responsibility and demands multi-sectoral and multidimensional collaboration of all stakeholders – governments, food business operators, consumers and academics across the food chain – to make it a long term investment to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • This Framework provides guidance to food safety authorities across the food chain, as well as those involved in food safety emergencies, preparedness and response.
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