Food Safety in Traditional Markets - The Story of Felicia and Musa

Feed The Future
USAID, GAIN, ILRI, Pierce Mill
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In this short yet compelling video, we see traditional markets through the eyes of both a consumer (Felicia) and a vendor (Musa) - and why food safety is so important to each. For Felicia, ensuring that the food she purchases is safe for her family to eat is imperative, especially because her children have become sick due to foodborne illnesses in the past. For Musa, the profitability and reputation of his market stand depends on food safety as well; nor does he want to be responsible for anyone consuming spoiled food and becoming ill. Through this short look into the way Felicia and Musa interact with the traditional market, we see that food safety is critical for nutrition, health and economic security.

Some of the key messages from the video are: 

  • Consumers rely on traditional markets to purchase nutritious foods, and expect that the food they buy will be safe to eat 
  • Vendors must ensure the safety and quality of their food to protect their reputation and livelihood
  • If food is not safe, it cannot be healthy or nutritious
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