Business and Sustainable Development Goals, building blocks for success at scale

Jane Nelson, Beth Jenkins, Richard Gilbert
Business Fights Poverty, Harvard Kennedy School, UK Department for International Development

‘It is through core business that truly transformative impact will happen,’ says John Fallon, Chief Exec, Pearson. This view is explored in context of the sustainable development agenda. The report - put together by the Harvard Kennedy School and Business Fights Poverty, looks at leadership across three levels: individual, institutional, and interactive leadership – or collective action. It has relevance for everyone, providing tailored recommendations for companies, governments, civil society, and donors. One of the most helpful features is a table outlining recommendations for action for each sector across a range of issues: awareness and attitudes, business case, implementation capacity, market insights, voluntary standards, codes, and principles, policy and regulatory support. Fourteen detailed case studies bring the issues to light. While most of the example are not nutrition focused, there are useful lessons on achieving impactful collaborations.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed