UK Department for International Development guidance note: The partnership principles

U.K. Department for International Development
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Advocacy and policy

Four partnership principles by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), which govern investment in nutrition and other development programmes. A helpful overview of the principles and factors that DFID take into account when forming partnerships and a particularly useful guidance note on monitoring and evaluation. The paper covers the application of the partnership principles and a summary checklist for partnership assessments. Although partnerships, in this case, are not strictly restricted to public private engagement, the principles are broadly applicable and highlight the need for partners to have aligned goals.

DFID's four partnership principles are: 

  • A commitment to reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals;
  • A commitment to respecting human rights and other international obligations; 
  • A commitment to strengthening financial management and accountability, and reducing the risk of funds being misused through weak administration or corruption;
  • A commitment to strengthening domestic accountability. 

For more information on DFID's approach private sector development, check out their report Progressing to peace and prosperity.  

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