Healthy workplace, healthy society: A blueprint for business action on health literacy

Enterprise 2020
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Reports and discussion papers

Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy supports the Europe 2020 strategy and the renewed EU strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility 2011-2014 – it is a go-to resource for incorporating health strategy into business plans. The report explores the role for business in heath literacy: the capacity for people to take ownership of their own health. An informative and practical read which responds to changing work patterns, such as the increase of flexible working and virtual offices. One significant finding is that many companies apply project models to employee wellbeing, rather than strategic, integrated frameworks. The toolkit provides companies with best practices across a range of issues, such as business decision-making, stress and mental health management, and nutrition interventions. This guide is aimed at business professionals looking to enhance employee wellbeing and performance, and provides valuable evidence for policy-makers.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed