Evaluation of the partnership & business model in GAIN Nordic Partnerships : Access to safe & affordable dairy

GAIN and Copenhagen Business School

This report evaluates two GAIN Nordic Partnership projects, one in Ethiopia and one in Zambia. The projects were multi-stakeholder projects with Multinational corporation (MNC)participants from Europe and local dairies in Africa. The projects yielded ample learning opportunities and transfer of knowledge. The projects were perceived to be managed very well. The participants benefitted from GAIN's project management experience and its local offices and global outreach. The overwhelmingly positive assessment of the projects by participants are somewhat countered by the fact that the projects did not achieve their overall aim, i.e., to launch nutritious consumer products.

Upon evaluation of the projects, it is recommended that future projects focus on downstream issues and barriers; clarify propriety issues related to solutions; focus more on identifying local private project partners; focus on fewer project objectives; undertake projects in countries with local GAIN offices; Reduce dependence on the GAIN project manager; replicate and scale the GAIN Nordic Partnership Model (GNPM) model to provide support and funding for the product launch period; and finally, focus on institutionally stable countries with free-trade policies.

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