Catalyzing biofortified food systems: 2018 HarvestPlus Annual Report

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Advocacy and policy

Biofortification is "the process of increasing the density of vitamins and minerals in a crop through conventional plant breeding or agronomic practices" - and evidence shows that regular consumption of biofortified crops generates measurable improvements in nutritional status. In the 2018 Annual Report - Catalyzing Biofortified Food Systems - HarvestPlus highlights the impact of biofortified crops in addressing vitamin A, iron, or zinc deficiencies.

HarvestPlus is a great example of what can be done through public private engagement and by working with actors across the value chain, including: breeders, farmers, processors, marketers, media, government agencies, civil society organisations and consumers. A new partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has also been established to focus on better integrating biofortified crops into food systems through private sector partnerships, value chain development, and the integration of biofortification in national food and nutrition strategies.

This is a really helpful snapshot setting out HarvestPlus's work, and the benefits to growing and consuming biofortified crops such as iron beans, vitamin A cassava and zinc rice. 

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