Vegetables for All: The whole vegetable chain from seed to stomach

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
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Case studies and tools

The Vegetables for All (VfA) project in northeastern Tanzania is a multi-sectoral initiative, implemented by private sector, NGOs, and knowledge institutes, and is supported by the Dutch government. VfA targets four areas in the region where seasonal changes lead to fluctuations in access to nutritious vegetables, and uses a value chain approach to combine interventions that stimulate the supply and demand of vegetables, and improve processes in between to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of vegetables that complete the journey from seed to stomach. Partnership is at the core of the project, and the varied expertise of the partners is essential to achieve the project’s ambitious goals and impact.

This short brief highlights some of the actors across the food value chain who are involved, as well as some of the successes that have resulted from the VfA partnership, including: 

  • Improved access to quality seeds
  • Training of commercial farmers towards financial sustainability
  • Sustainable post-harvest supply chain
  • Innovative drying of vegetables
  • Awareness creation and behaviour change


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