Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits

Marco Springmann, Michael Clark, Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Keith Wiebe, Benjamin Leon Bodirsky, Luis Lassaletta, Wim de Vries, Sonja J. Vermeulen, Mario Herrero, Kimberly M. Carlson, Malin Jonell, Max Troell, Fabrice DeClerck, Line J. Gordon, Rami Zurayk, Pete

Between now and 2050, changes in global population and income levels will have huge implications for the global food system. Without a dramatic shift in the way the food system works we will go beyond our planet’s boundaries. In light of this, experts have modeled options, including changing global consumption patterns and moving to a more plant-based diet. Significant reduction in food loss and waste is, of course, crucial. Unsurprisingly, no single measure will be enough on its own and better working between sectors is imperative. It’s a sobering and immensely informative read for anyone working in the business of nutrition.

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