Making food systems deliver more nutrition: The role of the private sector

Lawrence Haddad
GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director at GAIN and winner of the World Food Prize 2018 calls for a revolution in the way we create demand for nutritious food. This presentation for the European Commission in 2017 gives a digestible snapshot of the role of the private sector in demand creation. Lawrence highlights the need for a hybrid approach to creating demand for healthy food - namely, behavior change programs and consumer advertising campaigns. For many people, healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are unaffordable. In light of this, Lawrence's short presentation shows that demand creation cannot live in a vacuum – accountability, legislation, fiscal policy, incentive structures, and enforcement are all facets of a broader system that needs to be in place if industry is to play a positive role in changing nutrition behaviours. 

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