Grains of truth

EAT and GlobeScan
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Reports and discussion papers

This report from EAT and GlobeScan looks at the opinions of over 30,000 consumers in 31 markets around the world about their definition of good, healthy, and sustainable food. The survey also asked people about other issues including their biggest concerns about food production and the challenges they face purchasing healthy and sustainable food, as well as who can have the biggest positive impact in creating a more healthy and sustainable food system.

According to the report, just over half of people worldwide (53%) find buying healthy and sustainable food easy, and the biggest obstacles for those who find it difficult to buy healthy and sustainable food is affordability (48%) and availability (36%), with a quarter of people saying that they don’t know what healthy and sustainable food is.

This report highlights that everyone has a role to play in achieving healthy and sustainable diets for all: Nearly half of consumers (46%) believe that the responsibility to make positive change to create a more healthy and sustainable food system lies with national governments. Over a third (37%) think food and beverage companies are best placed to achieve this, while 23 percent see people like themselves being able to influence positive change, and one in eight (15%) see young people as powerful agents of change.

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