Cost-effectiveness of a market-based home fortification of food with micronutrient powder programme in Bangladesh

Sayem Ahmed, Haribondhu Sarma, Zahid Hasan, Mahfuzur Rahman, Mohammad Wahid Ahmed, Mohammad Ashraful Islam, Eric W Djimeu, Mduduzi NN Mbuya, Tahmeed Ahmed  and Jahangir AM Khan
Public Health Nutrition

This study was in rural Bangladesh tested the cost effectiveness of a home micronutrient powder food fortification programme for children under the age of five. Cross sectional interviews were conducted to document results from 164 Bangladeshi subdistricts, or upazilas. The cost of cases of anemia averted and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) averted with the aid of the fortification programme was compared to that of no intervention. This market based home fortification programme was a highly cost effective mechanism for delivering micronutrients to a large number of children in Bangladesh. Participation from the public and private sectors in programmes like this can help increase the impact and reach, particularly for the most vulnerable populations. 

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