Complementary feeding in emergencies programming - Myanmar Case Study

Jen Burns 1, Alison Donnelly 2, Sarah O’Flynn 3
1- Senior Technical Advisor, USAID Advancing Nutrition. 2 - Nutrition/IYCF Specialist, Independent. 3 - Head of Humanitarian Nutrition, Save the Children International.
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Case studies and tools

This is the one of four case studies in this special section of FEX to highlight the importance of a strong contextual analysis to guide the appropriate design, implementation and monitoring of actions and interventions, cross sector collaboration and integration, and proof of concept of localised initiatives that have the potential to be scaled up at national level.

This report highlights complementary feeding approaches that were implemented in Myanmar between 2017 and 2022. Myanmar was chosen as a case study due to the challenges that families face in accessing adequate complementary foods, as well as a wide range of complementary feeding approaches that were available to explore within the country.

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