Collaborative framework for food systems transformation: A multi-stakeholder pathway for sustainable food systems

UN Environment Programme and One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme

This report provides an approach for collaborative policymaking and governance improvement for sustainable food systems. By using this inclusive and comprehensive approach, stakeholders from all sectors are called upon to play their part to make food systems sustainable and nutritious. The report provides advice on how to take recommendations into action, and advocates for the consideration and adoption of the following five interlinked principles:

  • Focus on long-term outcomes
  • Include food consumption as a driver
  • Facilitate platforms of collaboration among food systems actors
  • Address emerging trends and challenges
  • Promote a common narrative and approach across relevant bodies / ministries

As well as four actions: 

  1. Identify an individual or group of food systems champions and build momentum
  2. Conduct a holistic food systems assessment
  3. Initiate a multi-stakeholder process for dialogue and action
  4. Strengthen institutional capacity for food systems governance in the long term

There are really helpful tips for taking action, and Chapter 5 provides examples of successful multistakeholder and public private initiatives, such as the Hivos Zambian Food Change Lab, Toronto Food Policy Council and the Marketplace for Nutritious Foods


This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed