Behaviour change for better health: Nutrition, hygiene, and sustainability

Rachel S Newson; Rene Lion; Robert J Crawford; Valerie Curtis; Ibrahim Elmadfa; Gerda IJ Feunekes; Cheryl Hicks; Marti van Liere; C Fergus Lowe; Gert W Meijer; BV Pradeep; K Srinath Reddy; Myriam Sidibe; Ricardo Uauy
Journal of BioMed Public Health

A look into how business models can be reshaped to respond to changing consumer preferences. This article takes Unilever’s symposium: ‘Behavior change for better health: Nutrition, hygiene and sustainability,’ and discusses the main conclusions. It addresses three areas: Demographic and global trends in food consumption; How behavior change theory can be used to design, implement, and evaluate interventions and the power of collaboration.

This third area offers fresh insight into the way that products can play a role as agents of change. Dr Marti van Liere looks at how global organisations, like the World Health Organization, can learn from commercial marketing, given that public health campaigns often ignore changing realities of globalisation, urbanisation and modernisation. This article manages to address a range of issues in relation to consumer demand. It concludes that for cost-efficiency sake, only public private engagement can positively shape emerging food choices.

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