2020 Global trends in reputation 

Reputation Institute
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Reports and discussion papers

This report looks at the top 10 global trends that are shaping how companies are perceived, and priorities for reputation management. The authors outline why each is critical to business, give examples from companies who are doing well and give advice on actions to take. The trends are based on more than 200 reputation leaders (C-level, vice presidents, and directors) across 18 industries in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, at companies with a variety of revenues and employee counts.

The top 10 trends in reputation are: 

  1. Higher purpose
  2. Data privacy
  3. Responsible investing 
  4. Impact of technology
  5. Climate change 
  6. Influencers
  7. Mistrust of big institutions 
  8. Sustainability and responsible sourcing 
  9. CEO activism
  10. Equality, diversity, and inclusiveness

To learn more about the top trends, download the full report: 2020 Global Trends in Reputation 

To download their useful infographic, visit: 2020 Global Trends Report Infographic

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