Latest news and views on COVID-19, food systems and nutrition

We are bringing together news and resources related to the risks, responses and impact of COVID-19 on food systems and nutrition.


COVID-19 blog series: Opportunities for building back better food systems and nutrition

Lawrence Haddad, Jess Fanzo and Corinna Hawkes are curating this blog series to shine a light on the threats and opportunities for nutrition and food systems.

Sharon Bligh

In this blog, Sharon Bligh of the Consumer Goods Forum shares how COVID-19 has catalysed cooperation and innovation across the food system – and what it might mean for the future...


Cherrie Atilano

In this blog, Cherrie Atilano, President and Founder of AGREA, highlights four important interventions that are helping the Philippines respond to COVID-19 to create resilience, with farmers and agriculture at the centre of action... 

Howdy Bouis

In this blog, Howdy Bouis sets out five phases of COVID-19, and how nutrition will be impacted across those phases. Given increased challenges and limited budgets, he provides a framework to help decision makers decide which nutrition actions to prioritise as part of response and recovery. 

Kimberley Neve

In this blog, Kimberley Neve of City University of London shows us how COVID-19 lockdown has changed food behaviours in the UK. Based on these shifts, she sets out five policy opportunities that could help support and encourage healthy eating in the UK...

News, views and reflections

Anna Lartey and Stineke Oenema

In this guest blog for the Global Nutrition Report, the authors make the case that "to tackle malnutrition, we must first address systemic inequities in food, health and social protection. However, Covid-19 is highlighting weaknesses in these systems and forcing us to rethink their structure." ...

Lidia Cabral

This opinion piece highlights the challenges COVID-19 has created in Brazil, but also highlights some community-level actions that demonstrate innovation and resilience of local farmers, citizens and food systems... 

Fast facts: COVID-19, food systems, and obesity
Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance

This factsheet from STOP Obesity Alliance sets out key takeaways related to how COVID-19 is impacting food security in the US, as well as exacerbating inequalities, vulnerabilities and worker safety... 

Amrita Saha

This piece from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) looks at the particular vulnerabilities Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Global South and provides examples of strategies for South-South cooperation that can help with COVID-19 response and rebuidling... 

Initiatives and responses

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) is pulling together announcements and responses to highlight how its members are taking extra actions in amidst COVID-19. 

This Business and COVID-19 Response Centre is designed to accelerate global learning and local action to support the most vulnerable in companies' value chains, communities and beyond. 

World Economic Forum and World Health Organization

WEF is mobilising all stakeholders to protect lives and livelihoods. This new COVID Action Platform will focus on three priorities: Galvanise the global business community for collective action; Protect people’s livelihoods and facilitate business continuity; Mobilise cooperation and business support for the COVID-19 response.  

This is an "alliance of humanitarian and development actors united by the commitment to tackle the root causes of food crises and promote sustainable solutions through shared analysis and knowledge, strengthened coordination in evidence-based responses and collective efforts across the Humanitarian, Development and Peace (HDP) nexus."

Additional resources

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has put together a helpful list of FAQs and responses on COVID-19.

The UN Standing Committee on Nutrition is managing a list of resources with a focus on nutrition and food systems.

This hub "aims to be a resource for all members of the SUN Movement to get informed about COVID-19 developments, at large.

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has created a dedicated page with resources related to the impact of COVI