Science and Innovations for Food Systems Transformation

Joachim von Braun, Kaosar Afsana, Louise O. Fresco, Mohamed Hag Ali Hassan (Eds)
Authors from Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and partners

This volume – a critical product of the Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit – does a number of things, the most important of which is building a consensus on our understanding of food systems. This is particularly important given the breadth of the area under discussion, the diversity of views and interests, the number of other sectors that are impacted and the overall complexity of the food system globally. The volume then goes on to identify science-driven innovations and opportunities that must be pursued in an integrated manner for a successful transformation of food systems. Here, the Group dwells on the key role of science and research as a prerequisite for innovations that will accelerate the transformation of current food systems to healthier, more sustainable, equitable and resilient systems. The volume also includes a number of chapters by partners of the Group that highlight the most critical areas, information and knowledge in different sectors and the gaps in knowledge that still exist. The Scientific Group recommends actions that, if implemented, have the potential to transform our food systems.

The chapters in this volume further emphasize the complexity of the food systems and a clear direction for the transformation of our food systems with a number of things that can be done together. Throughout this volume, it is clear that there is no one-size fits-all: while the concepts are similar, the translation of science into policies that inform investments is only possible if placed within the specific context of where the work will be done in a country, in different parts of the world

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