Transforming agriculture and food systems into a circular economy

Corteva Agriscience
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Corteva Agriscience hosted a discussion to rethink the agriculture industry’s future and the quest to feed our rapidly growing population through sustainable technologies, tools and practices. This thought-provoking, panel discussion of industry experts considered the concept of agriculture as a circular economy – to produce food in a way that benefits the environment and creates ecosystem assets such as sequestered carbon and improved water quality – and what farmers need to engage in this transformation. Speakers include Amanda Little, Dr. James Jones, Trey Hill, and Dr. Emma Fuller.

This panel comprised of academics, farmers and sustainability professionals come together to answer some of the following questions in order to shift to circular food systems:

  • How can we turn a linear agricultural model into a circular economy?
  • Why does a circular economy for agriculture matter ? 
  • How can agriculture technologies help us achieve a circular economy? 
  • What are the most important areas to shift toward regenerative and circular agriculture? 
  • What have been the biggest roadblocks to getting a farm to be circular?
  • What is the importance of tech and data sharing?
  • What is the need for value sharing systems? 

These questions and more are addressed in this insightful panel recording. 

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