The nexus between international trade, food systems, malnutrition and climate change

Sharon Friel, Ashley Schram, Belinda Townsend

In this paper, the authors examine "how different aspects of trade can constrain or enable governments’ ability to implement food system-level actions aimed at enhancing nutrition and mitigating climate change." They focus on three technical strategies to transform food systems: removal of market barriers for agricultural commodities; the protection of regulatory policy space; and the revision of subsidies. They also review evidence around non-technical considerations, including the political economy of trade, interest of different actors, ideas and formal and informal institutional processes at various levels. The authors acknowledge the complexity and interconnectedness of global and regional trade, binding and non-binding agreements, food systems, nutrition and climate change - and the need for updated strategies that align with technological innovation and globalisation. Overall a really helpful snapshot of current systems, and opportunities for better coherence in the future. 


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