World Benchmarking Alliance
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Case studies and tools

In this report, the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) identifies seven systems transformations that are key to addressing the SDGs, and where business has the potential to effect change. Based on this analysis, and by 2023, the WBA will develop a set of free and publicly available benchmarks and identify 'keystone companies that can shift norms and practices and, therefore, drive sustainable change within a given system.'

The seven systems identified in the report are:

  1. Social transformation: Achieve universal human development by respecting human rights, promoting equality and empowering people to pursue the opportunities and choices they value.
  2. Agriculture and food system transformation: Produce healthy and nutritious food to feed a growing world population, while staying within planetary boundaries, and offer farmers, fishers and their families a decent standard of living.
  3. Decarbonisation and energy transformation: Provide universal access to modern energy services while significantly reducing the world’s dependency on carbon-based energy.
  4. Circular transformation: Decouple consumption and production from natural resource use and design out waste and pollution.
  5. Digital transformation: Harness the potential and benefits of digital technologies for all while managing risks, including safeguarding against undesirable effects.
  6. Urban transformation: Create sustainable, inclusive and connected cities that are safe, resilient and clean.
  7. Financial system transformation: Reorient the flow of resources and exercise good stewardship to accelerate the economy’s transition towards long-term sustainable development.


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