Food fortification in Southeast Asia: Current challenges, strategies for the future

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), National Institute of Nutrition (Vietnam)

The impact of public private partnerships in food fortification are often restricted by economic, social, technical, and regulatory challenges. This summary report from the 2019 ILSI seminar documents a public private symposium on the challenges faced in Southeast Asia. It gives a brief outline of case studies on:

  • Iodine Deficiency: Epidemiology, Consequences and Reduction Strategies
  • Iodine Fortification of Salt and Seasoning Sauces in Thailand
  • Thiamine and Riboflavin Fortification in Cambodia
  • Introduction of Fortified Rice into the Canteen for Cambodian Female Workers
  • Flour and Rice Fortification in Indonesia

 The lack of coordination between sectors, barriers in communication, and the absence of clear, shared goals among stakeholders provides lessons for future public-private action on food fortification.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed