Evaluation of micronutrient potentials of seven commonly consumed indigenous spices from Nigeria

Omotayo and Adepoju

Micronutrient deficiencies remain a public health challenge globally, especially among developing countries. Spices are an incredibly important part of daily diets around the world and are often overlooked for their nutritional content. This study looks at the micronutrient potentials of seven indigenous spices in Nigeria (Allium Ascalonicum, Piper guneensis, Aframomum melegueta, Zingiber officinale, Ocimum basilicum, Allium sativum, and Eugenia caryophyllata). The findings show that these spices can be good sources of calcium, phosphorus, and antioxidants, suggesting that spices can play an important role in solving micro-nutritional deficiencies. This paper is not open access, but the data has the potential to be used in public private partnerships on nutrition. 

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