Analyzing consumer behaviour towards food and nutrition labeling: A comprehensive review

K.M. Priya and Sivakumar Alur
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Peer review

Studying consumer behaviour towards food and nutrition labelling (F&NL) is increasingly becoming important across the world. Bibliometric analysis is a way to identify influential research, track trends, and understand methodologies in any field. In this paper, we used bibliometric analysis and a review of theories too to critically evaluate theories and concepts used in studying consumer behaviour towards F&NL. Using the Scopus database, we obtained 1017 articles, which were further filtered to perform various analyses like Co-occurrence and coauthorship network analysis. We found limited East and Southeast Asia-based research. Personal beliefs, attitudes, and past experiences were identified as influencers of consumer behaviour regarding g food labelling. Trending topics were food waste, purchase intention, and sustainability labels.


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