Addressing workforce nutrition commitments: Guidance for global members of the SUN Business Network (SBN)

SUN Business Network

As part of the principles of engagement, the global members of the SUN Business Network (SBN) support workforce nutrition commitments (including breastfeeding support). These 23 companies have a combined workforce of more than 1.1 million employees worldwide, and the potential to effect positive change in the nutrition for employees and their families. To support this effort, the SBN has committed to promote the design and implementation of workforce nutrition programmes among all its global members, as well as to identify and address government policies that may hinder implementation. 

In this report, the SUN Business Network (SBN) shares examples of workforce nutrition programmes from its global members to help foster peer learning and best practice. Initiatives from SBN members are grouped into five categories: 

  1. Nutrition-focused health checks
  2. Healthy food at work
  3. Breastfeeding support
  4. Nutrition education
  5. Physical activity

A very helpful read for both businesses and policymakers who are looking for options to improve nutrition and health among workers, while also boosting productivity. 

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed