Voices from the land: Restoring soil and enriching lives

UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Global Environment Fund (GEF)
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Case studies and tools

Almost half of the world’s population – 3 billion people – are directly affected by land degradation. In the foreward, Ibrahim Thiaw, Executive Secretary United Nations  Convention to Combat Desertification, highlights the imperative of “sharing and focusing combined knowledge and experience through an international network of governments, scientists, businesses and citizens.” This report documents successful case studies, built on partnerships, that we can learn from:

  • Community land management in Jordan;
  • Restoring Balance to the Tana Delta;
  • Birdsong returns to the Hills of Bemolanga;
  • Sustainable tea production in Vietnam;
  • Ranching and restoration in Ecuador;
  • Smart solutions to a changing climate in Georgia.

Government institutions, ministries, farmers, policymakers, climate specialists, universities, consortiums, NGOs, the Global Environment Facility and the U.N. Environment Programme have all been involved in forming strong partnerships highlighted in this document. These examples and others are logged in the World Overview of Conservation Technologies.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed