The urgency of food system transformation is now irrefutable

Patrick Webb, Tim G. Benton, John Beddington, Derek Flynn, Niamh M. Kelly & Sandy M. Thomas
Resource type:
Advocacy and policy

In this Nature article, the authors call for policy actions that will support better diets for people, planet and prosperity - and will help achieve the global goals set out in the SDGs and the Paris agreement. With links to their recently published Foresight 2.0 report, the authors urge "From the outset, decision makers need to focus on actions to improve food systems in ways that deliver multiple benefits simultaneously, not just more or better food but also jobs, income growth, innovation, and reduced negative externalities on the environment." The article also outlines priorities for change: 

  1. Inter-governmental and global institutional mechanisms are needed to provide credible and authoritative consensuses on scientific evidence — to support decisive and effective policies;
  2. Research efficiency and linkages need to be improved across science on climate, natural resources, food, health, and nutrition — to support multi-sectoral policies; and
  3. Robust synthesis and assessment processes are needed to strengthen the legitimacy of scientific advice through transparency that encompasses the perspectives of low- and middle-income countries. 

This is a short read, that concisely highlights challenges within the food system and actions going forward. 

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