Urban food waste interventions: Where to go next

Christine Grillo
Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
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Article by John Hopkins Centre for a Liveable Future calls for a giant leap to tackle food waste in cities. In September 2019 the centre held a workshop in Baltimore to seek solutions for urban food waste, requiring a better understanding of the connections between rural and urban systems. This article has many links to urban food waste initiatives and the conference report: Wasted Food and Sustainable Urban Systems: Prioritizing Research Needs gives plenty of workable solutions for how public and private engagements can reduce food loss. The report outlines six areas for knowledge generation:

  • Tools and Typologies for Systems Modeling and Evaluation
  • Understanding Intervention Spillovers Across the Supply Chain & the Food Waste Hierarchy
  • The Potential for Leveraging Front-line Workers in Cities
  • Preventing Consumer-level Waste of Food in Cities
  • Equity
  • Data on Wasted Food and Connected Systems
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