Soda and tobacco industry corporate social responsibility campaigns: How do they compare?

Lori Dorfman, Andrew Cheyne, Lissy C. Friedman, Asiya Wadud, Mark Gottlieb
Current Obesity Reports

Given that sugary drinks are endemic and that obesity is on the rise, many drinks manufacturers have launched social responsibility campaigns. This is an in-depth and insightful report for anyone wishing to know more about industry participation in changing global food and drink consumption habits. The article explicitly compares experiences between the drinks and tobacco industry and has important implications for the public sector wishing to increase industry accountability. The findings show that unlike tobacco campaigns, soda company campaigns explicitly aim to increase sales, including among young people. What this means, essentially, is that public health advocates need to remind policy makers that ‘corporate social responsibility’ can often be a tactic to position products as socially acceptable. 

This resource has been peer reviewed