Kenya governance structure - A Sun Business Network Case Study

Sun Business Network, The Partnering Initiative
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The SUN Business Network (SBN) is the private sector branch of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement and aims to support businesses to grow the role they play in improving nutrition and to support SUN countries in developing national business engagement strategies. The Partnering Initiative (TPI), working together with the SBN, developed a series of four case studies which explore SBN engagement of business towards improved nutrition. These focused in particular on how SBN facilitates and supports the role of government in catalysing/steering private sector action. Across a range of countries and contexts. They aim to explore this approach to tackling the Sustainable Development Goals, and to identify lessons learned – both good practice and challenges – to share within and outside the SUN network.

This is one case study from that series of four, that explores the unique governance model of the Kenya SBN, in particular the formation and role of the multi-stakeholder secretariat. This brings together the public and private sectors, as well as United Nations organisations, to support and guide the network’s mobilisation of business to build food security.

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