How to assess CSO-business partnerships for development

Bruce Byiers, Francesca Guadagno, Karim Karaki - European Centre for Development Policy Management
European Centre for Development Policy Management

This briefing by the European Centre for Development Policy Management has some interesting implications for cross-sector collaboration. While not focused on nutrition partnerships specifically, its findings are relevant for anyone wanting to better understand how CSOs and businesses can work together - including ways in which donors, governments and policymakers can better support this type of cross-sector collaboration. The paper classifies partnerships as either philanthropic or strategic, and finds that although philanthropic partnerships are the most frequent, strategic partnerships have the potential to bring more member benefits.

This paper provides a helpful analytical framework based on four dimensions to select and assess CSO-business partnerships: 

  1. Relation to core business
  2. Degree of partner’s engagement
  3. Partnership’s activities
  4. Governance structures

Overall a useful take on how to go about fostering shared control to maximise development benefits. 


This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed