The circular economy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Opportunities for building resilience

Chatham House

This paper from Chatham House does not deal explicitly with nutrition, but its findings have important implications for food systems across Latin America and the Caribbean. Box 10 highlights the role of food and agriculture systems within the circular bioeconomy. As a whole, the report provides analysis of the current state of circular economy policies in LAC and identifies priority issues for national governments, businesses, civil society and the research community. It has five aims:

  1. To map circular economy-related policies and public initiatives in LAC;
  2. To identify opportunities to build resilience in LAC economies and societies through the circular economy, post-COVID-19;
  3. To analyse challenges and solutions associated with the transition from a linear to a circular economy in the LAC context;
  4. To highlight the relevance of Industry 4.0 technologies and innovation for the circular economy; and
  5. To give special consideration to the need for a ‘just transition’, which figures prominently in the climate change debate, but whose applicability is equally relevant in relation to the circular economy.
This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed