Business reflections on the Collaboration for Healthier Lives UK initiative

Consumer Goods Forum

This is an evaluation one year into the review of a large-scale collaboration between The Consumer Goods Forum and The Collaboration for Healthy Lives U.K. Initiative. It’s an impressive account of what can be done in a year and proves that engagement across public and private sectors in nutrition is the only way to scale results. A broad collaboration across industry, public bodies, civil society, spanning coordination organisations, retailers, manufacturers, health authorities and academics and local stakeholders.  As James Pearson, UK/IRL General Manager, Danone & CHL UK Co-Chair said: “[It] demonstrated the power of many partners working together towards a shared goal.” While the 34 interventions launched are an achievement, one important outcome is the development of a framework and mechanism for collaboration across sectors. Interventions include: promoting healthy children’s lunches and M&S, showcasing Danone Healthier choices at Tesco. The take-away list is a useful analysis of the challenges and future actions in public private engagement for nutrition.

This resource presents evidence or data but has not been peer reviewed