Nutrition Connect Newsletter: Nutrition and Data Issue (October 2022)

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Diet is a central component of health and wellbeing. However, nearly 90% of countries experience a high level of at least two forms of malnutrition due in part to poor diets, leading to long-term health issues, including nutrient deficiencies and noncommunicable diseases. Food systems that produce our diets also have a large impact on the environment. The result is that unhealthy diets cost an estimated US$3.5 trillion per year globally. 

Thus, advancing initiatives to collect, analyse and use nutrition data is key to implementing evidence-based policies and business practices. Because without data, we are just people with opinions. October 2022 saw several data-driven events. New global estimates of micronutrient deficiencies were published in The Lancet as well as the publication of the "Measuring What the World Eats" report provided insights on the current state of global diet quality with data from 41 countries. Armed with current data, decision makers and businesspeople are able to more accurately tailor their nutrition-led solutions especially for lower-income consumers more vulnerable to climate and economic shocks. We were also excited about the re-launch of the Food Systems Dashboard. Users can compare components of food systems across countries and regions. They can also identify and prioritise ways to sustainably improve diets and nutrition in their food systems. Stay tuned for country-specific profiles. 

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