Nutrition Connect Newsletter: Food Systems and Data Issue (November 2022)

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In this November issue of Nutrition Connect, we've invited Jenn Yates from TCA Accelerator to share her experience at the Food Systems Pavillion from COP27. She highlights her conversations with public and private sector actors on the 'true value of food' and how we can increase transparency in reporting across the food system.

The recently published UN Emissions Gap Report highlights the key issues holding back reduced emissions and the potential solutions and barriers to food systems transformation by stakeholders. Key focus areas remain: demand-side dietary changes (including tackling food waste); protection of natural ecosystems; improvements in food production at the farm level and decarbonisation of food supply chains. Transformations in these four areas can reduce 2050 food system emissions to around a third of current levels; as opposed to our current business-as -usual (BAU) emissions.


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